Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Magic Kingdom

In honor of the opening weekend of Tangled, here is picture of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at their new meet and greet location inside the Magic Kingdom.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider have a play and meet experience at the Fairytale Gardens inside the Magic Kingdom.  For those of you familiar with WDW, Rapunzel and Flynn appear in the area that Storytime with Belle used to be.

Here are some pictures of the meet and greet area;

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Characters now appearing at Animal Kingdom

 Goofy and Pluto at Dinoland USA
 Mickey at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Minnie at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Donald at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Goofy at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Chip and Dale at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Daisy at Camp Minnie Mickey
 Pooh at Discovery Island Boat Dock
 Tigger at Discovery Island Boat Dock
Eeyore at Discovery Landing Boat Dock

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2010! Updated with more images and locations!

Yuletide Fantasy for Everyone!

Lined up for Seven Dwarfs at 6:00pm
Seven Dwarfs came out at 7:00pm at the Skyway in Fantasyland
Picture complete at 7:02pm

We went right from the Dwarfs to the Winnie the Pooh characters.
Tigger and Eeyore rotated with Pooh and Piglet.
Tigger and Eeyore are on the hour/Pooh and Piglet are on the half hour.
WTP characters are meeting across from the WTP ride.
Picture complete by 7:06pm

We went from Tigger and Pooh to Mickey and Minnie.
Mickey and Minnie are meeting inside the Judges Tent at Toon Town.
Picture complete by 7:28pm.

We went from Mickey and Minnie back to the WTP characters.
Pooh and Piglet had rotated and replaced Tigger and Eeyore.
Picture complete 7:45pm

We went from WTP characters to the Princess Room at Toon Town.
There we found Prince Phillip and Aurora.
Prince Charming and Cinderella.
Snow Prince and Snow White.
Since we already had their pictures,  we did not take new ones.
Instead we got back in line to try to get Belle and Beast.
We went through the Princess line 3 times before they told us that
Belle and Beast would be coming in at 8:15pm.

At 8:15pm, we got back in the Princess line.
Belle and Beast had replaced Snow White and Snow Prince.
Aurora and Phillip and Cinderella and Prince Charming were still there.
Picture completed by 8:22pm.

Fairies at Toon Town's County Bounty.
We did not meet the Fairies although they were available. Tinker bell and friends were not dressed in holiday attire. They had a 45 minute wait.

After the Princesses, we went to Cosmic Rays Dance Party in Tommorrowland.
There we found Pluto, Chip and Dale.
(We went back several times that night and never saw anyone else).
Pictures completed 8:29pm.

Treat Stop!
We stopped for cookies and hot chocolate at Columbia Harbor House.
We also went through Fantasyland to try to see The Tremaines but they were not out at that time!

From the treat stop, we went to Frontierland to meet Donald.
Donald is meeting at his regular spot in Frontierland.
Picture completed 9:04pm.

From Donald, we hung around Frontierland and found the Country Bears!
Big Al, Shaker, Liverlips, and Wendell were wandering around Frontierland.
These bears were mostly near the County Bear Jamboree and as you can tell they were mischievous!
Pictures complete 9:17pm.

After the Country Bears, we went into the Diamond Horseshoe Dance Party.
Characters were the same as MNSSHP so we didn't take new pictures.
We went back to the dance party around 11:45pm and took new pictures of Jesse and Woody.

From the Dance Party, we went to Adventureland to meet Abu and Genie.
Abu and Genie met at the Adventureland Gazebo. They had a very nice backdrop for photos in that area. Abu and Genie rotated with Jasmine (Aladdin will be at future parties but did not appear last night).
Picture completed at 9:40pm.

We went from Abu and Genie to Adventureland Veranda to meet Lilo and Stitch. Lilo and Stitch are inside near the Adventureland Veranda.
Picture completed 9:44pm.

From Adventureland, we went to Liberty Square and met Tiana and Naveen at their gazebo behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.
Picture completed 10:10pm

From Liberty Square we went to Fairytale Gardens to see Rapunzel and Flynn. They were meeting in the same outfits so I did not stop to take a new photo.

Parade Stop!
At 10:20pm we found a spot on top of the train station and watched the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade!

After the parade, we met Santa on Main Street!
Picture complete 11:18pm.

After we met Santa on Main Street, we went back to Adventureland to catch the rotation of Jasmine. Jasmine was there!
Picture completed 11:28pm!

With all of our pictures completed, we went for a last minute treat stop at Columbia Harbor House. We stopped on our way out of the park for some pictures of the castle! As we exited the park, snow fell on Main Street!
A magical evening was had by all!

Click on this link for a printable checklist of all the characters and their locations, show and parade times at MVMCP;

Second Party Night-November 16

I attended a second MVMCP to complete my character list. I found Captain Hook and Mr. Smee roaming in Adventureland near the Pirates Ride around 7:45pm. I then went to the Adventureland Gazebo and met Prince Ali and Jasmine. Prince Ali was absent from the first party.  After that I went to get new pictures of the Cosmic Rays Dance Party and add Santa Goofy to my list.
While walking through Fantasyland, I saw the Tremaines near Mickey's Philharmagic at 7:30pm.

Captain Hook and Mr Smee
Roaming Characters near the Pirates Ride
Prince Ali and Jasmine
Adventureland Gazebo

Cosmic Rays Dance Party



Santa Goofy

The Tremaines
Roaming Characters in Fantasyland

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween comes alive at DAK!

Halloween Characters at DAK!

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy
Camp Minnie Mickey

Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore
Discovery Island Boat Dock