Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disney Hollywood Studios Pixar Meet and Greets

Disney's Hollywood Studios is the best place to meet all your favorite Pixar characters. Pixar characters appear daily for meet and greets and are featured in an afternoon parade. Meet Buzz and Woody in Andy's bedroom located across from Toy Sotry Mania. Spot a Green Army Man outside Toy Story Mania. Visit Radiator Springs were you'll meet Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater located behind Mupppets 3D. Step into Monster's Laugh Factory and meet Mike and Sulley located outside the Backlot Tour. Meet the newest member of the Pixar family, Lotso, at Sunside Daycare located inside the Animation Building. No Pixar meet and greet would be complete without the first family of crimefighting, The Incredible's. Meet Mr and Mrs Incredible and Frozone inside the Animation Building.

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