Sunday, September 19, 2010

Duffy the Bear

Duffy the Bear is coming to Epcot. As the story was told today at the passholder event, Minnie Mouse made Duffy the Bear for Mickey before a voyage. Duffy is coming to Epcot from Japan. October 14 will be the first day for meet and greets with Duffy. Duffy's meet and greet area will be located by the new Duffy the Bear store. This store and meet and greet location are located at the entrance of World Showcase towards the Mexico side. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase Duffy the Bear and different outfits for him themed to the different countries in the World Showcase. Duffy will be available for meet and greets and he will have different meet and greet outfits for holidays. They will also be adding a Duffy themed kidcot and Duffy will have his own Facebook page.

For the first time in Disney history, Disney will be offering molded cups and popcorn buckets shaped like Duffy the Bear.

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